NAMI Santa Fe Wants You!
Many of you have expressed a willingness to participate as a volunteer in advancing NAMI Santa Fe’s mission in our community.  Our program offerings are numerous and ambitious and we look forward to engaging every volunteer, in whatever capacity you desire to serve. 
Volunteer opportunities range from admin support to program coordinators. Every current NAMI Santa Fe leader is a volunteer so we look forward to including you as a member of our team. 
Our Volunteer Facilitator (Tim Dabbs) is working with the Board to identify program areas where our army of volunteers may become involved.  He would be happy to send you a list of the positions currently available for you to review. Hopefully, your interest will be sparked and you will want to join the team.
Some of our volunteer positions necessitate formal training provided by NAMI to assure you are prepared to take on your assignment.  These learning opportunities are valuable not only to the organization, but also to you in dealing with the challenges that we all face. Working for a cause you beilve in is both healing and empowering. 
If you want to volunteer please email Tim at timj03@gmail.com. If you have no email and want to be on the team, please contact Tim at 505 690 7104.
We look forward to working with you to make NAMI Santa Fe a model program across the state.