Information Meetings

On the second Monday of every other month NAMI Santa Fe hosts an education meeting open to the general public FREE of charge.

Guest speakers range from the Department of Health and Human Services, to the director of Psychiatry at the County Detention Center, or private practitioners who give us advice of self-care and stress-reduction techniques. Please scroll down to find out about our upcoming information meetings:

January 8th Information Meeting: What To Expect When You Call 911 for Someone in a Mental Health Crisis. 

Those who suffer from mental illness and their caregivers often face the daunting question: Is it time to call 911? Many are hesitant to call 911, even when a situation appears dangerous. What if you call 911 for your mentally ill relative and they become even more agitated by the arrival of police cars in the driveway? What if a call for help turns into an arrest? What if the situation turns deadly?

For our January Information Meeting, the SF Police Department, Fire Department and 911 will help us answer these questions and more.

Topic: What to expect when you call 911 for someone in a mental health crisis.

Date/Time: January 8th, 2018,  5:30-7 pm

Location: NAMI Santa Fe headquarters, 313 Camino Alire, Unit 307, building complex known as Dragonstone.