Christus St. Vincent Makes Major Improvements

After years of intense work, Christus St. Vincent has been recognized by the federal government and the major private sector quality assessment organization for the provision of outstanding service and care. Additionally, Christus St. Vincent has announced a formal relationship with the Mayo Clinic for backup and referral on complex cases.

Within the behavioral health sector, specifically, Christus St. Vincent has also made significant improvements. In its priority planning process the organization has identified behavioral health and suicide prevention as important areas of concern for explicit attention. Additionally, Christus St. Vincent has just completed construction of and now has operational a new Behavioral Observation Unit in the Emergency Department and has hired a new psychiatrist, Dr. Jolanta Gurduk, who will be providing leadership and service primarily on the outpatient side.

NAMI-Christus St. Vincent exchanges have improved dramatically and there are ongoing discussions on how NAMI and Christus St. Vincent can enhance each other’s ability to assist our families and patients in need.