Hospital Committee Report

This report summarizes the most recent Hospital Committee meeting held on 8/08/17.

The Committee discussed the intake process for BH patients, to include those with co-occurring illnesses.  Patients, loved ones, and caretakers continually try to better understand how it works.

Mary Magnusson will report in on Friday, August 11th, as the BHU Manager, replacing Susan Kammerer.

She comes to the position highly qualified and will meet with the Committee at the September meeting. After the resignation of Jacqueline Williams, the Clinical Manager of Emergency Psychiatric Services position that was to be filled by her will not be filled.

The Emergency Psychiatric Services Room, in the ED, is now operational.  The recent fatal shooting of a man diagnosed with schizophrenia is being investigated by CSV.

Several Committee members will meet this month with an “expert” consultant to the CSV CEO to share NAMI-SF concerns regarding BH services and best practices.  Treatment Guardians and Assisted Outpatient Treatment will be addressed, among other topics.  Provider Education for BH professionals will be reemphasized at CSV.

-John Harnish, Committee Chair