Info Meeting: Common Substances of Abuse

Tuesday June 11th
Common substances of abuse with ‘co-occurring’ citizens
Featuring: Mathias Stricherz, Adult Unit Psychologist
NM Behavioral Health Institute (Las Vegas)
Time: 6-7:30 PM
Location: NAMI Santa Fe Office 
313 Camino Alire, #307 Santa Fe, NM
Facebook Live Stream Begins at 6:10 PM

Persons with co-occurring disorders often find opportunistic or preferred substances to use in their communities. Most of those substances can contribute to problems with functioning in their home, job or social activities or responsibilities.  Substances as common as energy drinks, vitamins or mineral supplements, mouthwash, to designer drugs, medications used other than as prescribed and controlled substances that can be purchased illicitly may contribute to re-occurrence of symptoms and need for interventions.
Dr. Matt Stricherz, Psychology Supervisor for the Adult Psychiatry Division at the NMBHI Institute, will provide a user friendly discussion of co-occurring disorders and substances that create problems in communities. He will bring experience from his work as a psychologist, alcohol and drug counselor, prevention specialist, past law-enforcement officer and crisis outreach worker to illustrate challenges many co-occurring citizens experience.