Legislative Update

As you can see from the following list, NAMI is following several legislative initiatives in this 2018 session.  The committee chairs are not asking for comments anymore on most of these bills. They are just asking for a show of hands in support; so if you can’t be there in person, we encourage you to write to the committee members via email and express your support. 

You can find copies of the bills, their sponsors, committee chairs, and scheduled hearings on the NM legislative website http://www.nmlegis.gov.


  • SB 4 AOT Act Funding – $1million appropriations request for counties to create an AOT program; Sen Papen & Wirth
  • SB24 Behavioral Health Screening for Children; Sen Ortiz y Pino
  • SB 26 Expand Behavioral Health, Primary Care and Reproductive Health through School-based Health Centers; Sen Ortiz y Pino
  • SB 66 Behavioral Health EMT Training; Sen Ortiz y Pino
  • SB 67 Statewide Research and Demonstration project for Behavioral Health Service Apprenticeships through NMHU; Sen Ortiz y Pino
  • SB44 Protection Order Exclusion Zone; Sen Michael Padilla
  • SB168 Mental Health & Suicide Info to students – makes an appropriation of $10,000 to Dept. of Ed. to put together a plan for secondary school education on mental health and suicide prevention; Sen Papen
  • SB 76 Regional Housing Authority Oversight ; Sen Papen
  • SB 73 Behavioral Health Supportive Housing; Sen Howie C. Morales
  • SB 70 Affordable Housing Act Oversight Duties – Sen Stuart Ingle
  • SB 19 Uniform Guardianship, Conservatorship and other Protective Arrangements Act – 127 page bill with many implications for future guardianship matters; Sen James P. White
  • SB 3 Expand Medicaid Fraud Control Unit – a continuation of past bills to provide due process to providers; Sen Papen
  • SB 121 – Out of State Health Care Provider Access
  • SM 3 Study NM Medicaid Buy-In Plans – Sen Ortiz y Pino


  • HB 28 Abuse and Neglect Act Changes
  • HB 51 Firearm Transfer Act
  • HB 75 Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
  • HB 91 Background Check Reporting for Firearms  (NAMI is concerned about the language used to describe mental illness)
  • HB 103 Osteopathic Student Loans for Services
  • HB 121 Criminal Sexual Offense Definitions
  • HB 92 Vocational Rehabilitation Act – Rep Candy Spence Ezzell
  • HB 132 Homeless Rapid Rehousing – $2 M allocation to help with supportive housing of homeless; Rep Tomas E. Salazar
  • HB 20 Prison Recidivism Reduction Program – this looks a lot like what is happening in Albuquerque as part of the Bernalillo County BHI initiative.  Evidence based programs; Rep Gentry, Sen Ivey-Soto, Sen Papen
  • HB 135 At-Risk Youth Interventions – similar to HB 160 except for youth; Sheryl Williams Stapleton
  • HB 160 Nonviolent Offender Interventions – adding a responsibility to HSD that is focused on recovery; Rep Stapleton
  • HM 9 Medicaid Buy-in Plan – HSD explore policy and fiscal implications of offering a Medicaid buy-in plan to allow any NM state resident to buy Medicaid coverage (even if they are not eligible now); Rep Deborah A. Armstrong
  • HJM 2 LFC Plan on Inpatient Mental Health; Rep Ferrary, Sen Papen
  • HJM on Law Enforcement/Lapel camera’s/public information – hopefully before the end of the session we will have a memorial on this; Currently working this are Rep Gail Chasey, Sen Sander Rue, and Jim Ogle from NAMI, as well as others.

If you are interested in notifications as to hearings, sessions, or just updates for this legislation, as well as any others, please email betty.shover@comcast.net and we will add you to our legislative email distribution list.

Betty Sisneros Shover

Jim Ogle

Patsy Romero

NAMI NM Legislative Committee Co-Chairs