As our Annual Meeting approaches, I want to thank all our volunteers who continue to provide their time, energy, and passion to supporting our mission; as well as our donors and members for their financial contributions – as without those, we could not do as much as we have done.  I also want you to take note of some upcoming events.

We will be voting and welcoming 2 new members to our board at our Annual Meeting on July 15 – Barbara Sanchez and Tina Schueler and 2 returning members Teri Hirshey and Betty Sisneros Shover. This year, we are also asking Louise Drisdale, Past-President of NAMI Santa Fe, to become an Advisor to the Board – returning to our previous tradition of having a past President sit on the board as a non-voting member.  Other Directors whose terms continue are:  Mary Lou Ortega-Shaw, Riesha Fiorina, Cam Haight, Tom Starke, Daniel Hirshey, Dan Nickelson, and Bill Jackson. Jessica Shover will continue in her role as Administrative Assistant and Barry Wilson will continue to be our Bookkeeper – now generously doing it pro bono.  Thank you, Barry!

I want to highlight an exciting fundraising event we are planning for Friday July 19 at 5:30 pm at the William Haskell Studio Gallery, Plaza Mercado, 112 W. San Francisco Street, right off the plaza.  Mr. Haskell has generously offered NAMI Santa Fe 50% of proceeds from his art sales that evening through July 26.  Thank you to Barbara Sanchez for making this connection and for Jessica Shover and Riesha Fiorina for jumping in to make it happen for us.  Come and enjoy a refreshment, see Mr. Haskell’s unique landscape art, and help support NAMI Santa Fe by taking a piece home.

Please take note of our upcoming Information Meetings – every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.  We are grateful to Tom Starke for the phenomenal job of setting up a great line-up of speakers for the year.  In particular, Dr. Caroline Bonham, UNM Department of Psychiatry, will be speaking on Tuesday July 9 about early intervention in first episode psychosis (see article within).  A schedule of all upcoming presentations can be found on our website.  A special thank you to Jessica Shover and Daniel Hirshey who have brought us into the 21st century by setting us up to live-stream all meetings on Facebook and to view previously recorded videos on our new YouTube channel.

Best wishes for a great summer!

Betty S. Shover 505-395-6204 betty.shover@comcast.net