Modified Crisis Support Services for Santa Fe County

Begin April 1, 2020  New Mexico Solutions in partnership with Santa Fe County will be implementing modified crisis support services for Santa Fe County residents. NMS will be working directly with community partners in order to identify and provide mental health support services for persons challenged with mental health illness.  Services will include…

  • Bilingual telephonic counseling by a licensed professional
  • Case Management
  • Outreach Services
  • Referral Coordination through Santa Fe Connect
  • Limited medication support

Target Population:

  • Family members of persons with chronic mental health issues
  • Persons with chronic mental health issues who are isolated due to COVID-19
  • Members of NAMI
  • Mental health service providersIf you have any question or are in need of the services outlined here, please feel free to contact the Crisis Center Director, Mr. Omar Vega at 505-365-3466. Referrals for outreach and support may also be sent to