About NAMI Santa Fe

We’re Here for YOU!

NAMI Santa Fe is a volunteer-based nonprofit corporation of families, friends, and people with mental illness. We are organized for mutual support, education, and advocacy; and are committed to a comprehensive community support system. 

To fulfill this purpose members will work together toward the following goals:

-Promote the well-being of people with mental illness.

-Establish regularly scheduled meetings where families, people with mental illness, and friends can come together to share experiences, discuss problems, explore solutions, and extend mutual support.

-Provide information and referral regarding mental illness, treatment, and related support services.

-Institute an active and aggressive program of education on mental illness, including an attempt to counter all negative references, characterizations, and misrepresentations of mental illness or emotional disturbances, which reinforce or perpetuate stigma, stereotype or discrimination toward people with mental illness and their families.

-Actively and aggressively support and foster the delivery and utilization of state-of-the-art medications, treatment, and rehabilitation services.

-Research possible grants or gifts available from private or public sources.

-Actively and aggressively participate in mental health planning, budgetary, and decision-making sessions and meetings.

-Evaluate all legislation, institutional policies, and state and local government rules and regulations affecting people with mental illness and their families and to actively and aggressively promote all the above which enhance and support the well-being of people with mental illness.