Santa Fe County Core Leadership Team

In 2018, the Santa Fe County Community Services Department engaged the community in developing a Behavioral Health Strategic Plan for our County. The Plan emphasized the need for the County to take a leadership role in developing a comprehensive system of behavioral health services to better meet the needs of the community by creating a “Core Leadership Team” comprised of key stakeholders within the community. Betty Sisneros Shover was recently asked to be a member of this Team. The first meeting of 20 participants was held on July 24 and will meet monthly for the next 8 months. The first meeting included introduction of the participants and their organizations’ role in the community, planning the project, future logistics, and expectation of the work required from the participants of this Team. Input from the community noted an excess of meetings; therefore, an inventory of meetings that are currently being held in our community was compiled with a discussion about what could be consolidated or eliminated.

A Service/Funding Inventory was introduced and Providers were asked to submit this Inventory by the August meeting – noting all services and programs along with funding information. The goal of this exercise is to provide a snapshot of where we are and where we begin to see gaps. If anyone has input that they would like me to take forward to the Team, please feel free to contact me via email or 303-913-9168.