Santa Fe County Partners w/ New Mexico Solutions to Provide Behavioral Health Services for Youth

Santa Fe County—The Santa Fe County Community Services Department (CSD) in partnership with New Mexico Solution Inc., is pleased to announce the startup of a much needed service for children with behavioral health needs in Santa Fe County.  New Mexico Solutions Inc., is preparing to offer Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) services, a Medicaid service that is the highest level of community-based support for children with behavioral health needs.  New Mexico’s TFC program serves children up to 21 years of age with serious emotional and behavioral problems who have been removed from their natural families for a variety of reasons. TFC has been absent in Santa Fe County for over twelve years leaving families and care givers with no other options but to seek help elsewhere.

Treatment Foster Care Services are individualized, trauma informed care provided to psychologically or emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered clients. Eligible clients are those who are at risk for failure or have failed in regular foster homes, are unable to live with their own families or are going through a transition period.  Services are provided in a treatment foster home setting.  “We are hoping that the Santa Fe community partners with us in recruiting families interested in being therapeutic foster parents with our agency”, said David Ley, PhD, and Executive Director of New Mexico Solutions.  “In TFC, foster parents receive very high levels of support as they help children recover from a history of trauma and neglect.  In my years in this work, I’ve never see a program that was more rewarding and fulfilling”.

Santa Fe County recently released its Behavioral Health Strategic Plan for 2019 through 2024. One of the most pressing recommendations from this report is to expand behavioral health services for children in Santa Fe County.   “Across the nation and in Santa Fe County we are seeing an increase in youth with serious behavioral health issues” states Rachel O’Connor, Director of the CSD. We are pleased to be providing startup funds for New Mexico Solutions to provide this important service in Santa Fe County”

For More Information Contact:

Rachel O’Connor, Director, CSD 992-9242

David Ley, CEO, New Mexico Solutions