Skateopolis Art Show Benefits NAMI Santa Fe

Sometimes the most unexpected kindness comes and overwhelms us all!  NAMI Santa Fe recently experienced just that!

Bobby Beals from Kamagraph Skateboards., Casey Michelson from Downtown Subscription, and Damon Archuleta from Initiate Skateboarding amazed the community with their generosity by hosting a month long art show with several local artists contributing their work on skateboard decks given out by Mr. Beals and hung at the Downtown Subscription.   The local artists that contributed their work on the skateboard decks did it completely pro-bono along with these three gentlemen initiating the entire art show benefit with 100% of the proceeds donated to NAMI Santa Fe!

Other sponsors included Master Tech Auto, Skate School of Santa Fe, Tesuque Village Market, Improver Trio Music, and Honest Automotive.  The artists included:  Parker Jennings, Olivia J. Phillips, Micayla Duran, Jeff Sweitzer, Jaelah Kuehmichel , Sofia Howard, Shakti Howeth, Alex Gowan, Blas Ramirez, Helene Wilder, Ivan Dimitrov, Linda Hunsaker, Matthew Wolf-Cecil, Raquel Whitehead, Nate Massee, Riley Edge, Pete Gardini, Patrick Boyles, Winter Riddle, Willem Mickelson, Thomas Presely, Spencer Atkinson, Nico Salazar, Auras Omar, Sarah Donahue, Nicholas Colavecchio, Bobby Gutierrez, William Haskell, Emily Golden, Sepi Majd, John Granillo, Adrian Coffey, and Sebastian Vela.

When Mr. Beals was asked what his connection was to NAMI and why he was doing this, his response was a truly unselfish one!  He stated, “I was skating with a kid that I could tell was struggling with something hard.  When I spoke to him and found out that he had a loved one with mental illness, I wanted to help.”

NAMI Santa Fe provides family education and support programs for individuals and their family members touched by a loved one with mental health challenges.  Support by our community is essential to our sustainability and is greatly appreciated!  A special thank you to our skateboard community!

Barbara Sanchez

Betty Sisneros Shover

NAMI Santa Fe



NAMI Santa Fe is a volunteer-based nonprofit corporation that educates, supports, and advocates for individuals and their families living with mental health challenges.