Update on Supreme Court Rules Committee

Ann Albrink is still attending monthly meetings of the New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Committee as a consumer and member of NAMI, along with representatives from the district courts, the Department of Guardianship, the Health Department, the Association of New Mexico Counties, the New Mexico Disability Rights organization and others. In 2017 we mainly have working on changing the Supreme Court Rules to address some of the problems in the system that have caused some people to languish in jail as long as two years awaiting a determination of whether they are competent to stand trail in criminal cases. We have been looking at shortening time-frames, clarifying the evaluation process, and generally speeding things up.  While our deliberations are confidential, we are looking forward to publishing proposed new rules to the New Mexico bar in the very near future, to allow public defenders, prosecutors, judges and other interested parties to comment on and improve them.